Custom WordPress Training

Custom WordPress Training

AUD$ 529.00

  • USD: USD$ 352.89


Would you like to build and support your own WordPress website but need a helping hand to get it started or finished? WordPress is really easy to use once you get the hang of it, but sometimes, just getting started can stop your progress with publishing your website. Or maybe someone else built it for you and you’d like to learn how to update it.

There’s plenty of online resources to help you learn WordPress but none of them are custom made for your Theme/Template/Content and hosting.

About this package:

  • You have the choice to send me 10 questions about setting up or updating your WordPress website that you haven’t been able to solve. I will login to your website and record videos answering your questions and showing you how to fix/update the issues you have asked me about


  • I will produce 5 videos to give you a general overview on how to update/build your WordPress site. Videos will include: Creating/updating pages, Creating/updating blog posts, Changing menu items, updating logos, fonts, colours, linking your social media, setting up google analytics and other tracking codes.


  • It will also include a 30 minute video call with me to cover anything else you need help with.

The best part of this service is that the you will have access to the videos whenever you need to reference them at any point in the future.

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